"helping to make life more fulfilling"

   Our goal is to provide you with a variety of approaches to achieving and maintaining good physical and mental health.  These approaches include counseling and psychotherapy, education and training for improving relationships, parenting skill development, stress management programs, substance abuse counseling and DUI intervention programs including an intensive outpatient treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse.

We also offer treatment for chronic and acute pain problems, and for migraine headaches utilizing hypnotherapy in addition to counseling and psychotherapy.  

   The connection between the mind and body in achieving good health and well being has long been known and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and practice.  We invite you to join us as we seek to learn and to teach.

   We accept most insurance plans and also accept Visa and Master Card.

   Theus W. Rogers, Jr., M. Div., DC/Psy., Licensed Professional Counselor

   Please contact our office at:     1240 Wildwood Ave.

                                         Columbus, GA 31906

                                                    Phone: 706-321-9800,  Fax: 706-321-8284  

                                                    E-mail:   mailto:theus@mchsi.com


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